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need help for NoCat configuration

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I am a new comer in the wireless network. i would like to build portal captive system for wireless network in my campus.


For additional information i use Linux Fedora Core 3, gnupg-1.4.3 (for gpgv) and NoCatAuth-nightly.


After make install gnupg, and walk through to the next step ( building the gateway):

# make gateway (ofcourse i change my diretory first to the NoCat's extract directory)


And then the trouble comes..

The terminal view like this:


# make gateway

Looking for gpgv...

Checking for firewall compatibility: No supported firewalls detected! Check your path.

Supported firewalls include: iptables, ipchains, ipf, pf.

Can't seem to find supported firewall software. Check your path?

make: *** [check_fw] Error 255


I've tried to checked my iptables status (#service iptables status) and Linux displayed that iptables have already running.

I also have checked PATH (echo $PATH)


And displayed:




I confused why NoCat can't seem to find firewall software in my computer.


Can anybody help me??? please...

Thank before..

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