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Helpful Info For SUSE 10.1 Users

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Most anyone trying SUSE 10.1 quickly became aware of update problems. Even YAST must be fixed and the best work-around is to use SMART package manager. You should download and install the SMART packages from GURU, as GURU has already added most of the necessary update channels for you.


Unfortunately, a channel for GNOME updates is not included and I had a difficult time finding a source which would work. Finally, today, I found the appropriate channel and updated GNOME. The channel works perfectly. At the same time, I found a very complete list of channels for up[censored] SUSE 10.1 through SMART, including a lot of add-on software.


If you are using SUSE 10.1 and SMART, you might want to go through the list and add some extra channels, such as the one shown for GNOME updates. This list will be a real help for SUSE 10.1 users, as it will give you all the packages to make your audio and video players work properly, as well.


Here is the link for information regarding add-on channels in SMART:







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