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USB Wireless Netgear WPN111 setup on Ubuntu 6.06

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Can someone please tell me how to set up my usb wireless device Netgear WPN111 on Ubuntu? I've tried everything and it just isn't working. I AM a new Linux user and am a little green. Ubuntu seemed pretty painless until I reached the point of trying to set up my wireless. I have no router, I am connected through default in our complex. If this helps.


Thanks to anyone who can help me, and kisses too.



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These USB devices can br tricky under Linux, as they generally are made for Windows systems and have windows drivers available only on the manufacturer's website.


However, Ubuntu seems to have some native support for some of these devices.


If you go to System-->Administration-->Networking, Is the device listed under a wireless category, with atho as it's given name?


If so, then try to configure the device. Get into Properties and set the essid to default, set the device to active and see if the card comes up.


I don't know how your complex is set up for wireless, but i assume that you have wireless points in the building and by "default", you mean this is the essid name that you use to link to the point?


You may also have to set the card to auto DHCP (check the box in the configuration window) to connect to the point on boot.


You may need to reboot for this to take effect, I don't know. See if you get a connection in Firefox. If not report back and we can try to troubleshoot further.

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