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connect3d ati radeon 9200se randomly recognised as 9250 in xp

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i have a strange problem with my video card. i will give a short description and if you need any other info i will post it too.

so i got this connect3d ati radeon 9200se rage theater vivo card (128 mb, not that it matters), and nomatter what kind of xp (pro or home, full or nliteripped) and what kind of display driver i use (default xp, various versions of aticatalyst, omega etc) sometimes xp thinks my card is not 9200se but 9250 and so the foundnewhardware icon appears at systray etc etc. it seems to do it randomly. first i thought it only does happen on powerons, but i realised it happens at reboots too (not everytime and i cant see the connection between these events so this puts me far from solving this mystery). my system is like always running, i reboot it in 12-24 hours and i switch it off at weekends. and this thing occours randomly. i have an abit ic7 mainboard with the latest bios possible, i tried default cmos settings, and all alternatives i could imagine. i tried to set the irq-s manually, but now it seems like its not the automatic irq causing the problem, because it always uses the same (in bios and in xp too). (yes i tried setting "assign irq to vga" to disabled but no use). i also tried removing every pci and possible devices from my computer to see what happens. and i also tried disabling everything in bios to free irq resources. i guess its no irq conflict... i also tried to set xp to standard pc (instead of acpi uniprocessor), dunno why i tried it, i was running out of ideas.

it also cant be a virus or spyware because the problem occours in every piece of freshly installed xp (im not sure but with win2k too). i tried installing and not installing the mainboards inf update files before installing any display drivers. i wrote a mail to the connect3d tech help. they dont really care. they replied shit (was predictable). yeah i know i should burn my lame 9200se cause its a cheap old stupid card. but this problem is so tricky i cant figure it out what can cause things like this. one thing i havent tried is putting it in another pc. will be the next step. so if any of you has any idea, or if you can redirect me to another techhelp forum, please help. thank you for your patience.

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