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Linksys Wireless Network Help!!!!

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I have tried on multiple occasions to install Windows Service Pack 2, and while the installations goes smoothly for the most part, I have had a few problems that I cannot seem to rid myself of.


1. My computer no longer recognizes my wireless network. I have a Linksys Wireless Router and LAN running on 3 computers in my house, this laptop, a brand new stockXchange computer, and the computer in question, my personal PC. It says "Wireless Connection Unavailable" in Network Connections, and Repairing or Disabling/Enabling the network has no effect.


2. For some reason, Windows Firewall is not working at all. It says, for some unknown reason, Windows Firewall was unable to initialize. I cannot access it at all. This may have something to do with the lack of internet, but then again, maybe not.


Any help or pointers, even if they are blatantly obvious would be appreciated as I don't really want to continue using SP1. I am trying to get a program called PunkBuster to work, but I am not having any luck, so I thought I would give SP2 a whirl.

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