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booting with fedora disk 1

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hey there....i want to install fedora on my laptop..i downloaded the five iso files from fedora website...burned each file on the cds but my pc doesnt boot with the fedora disk 1...i changed the boot sequence and the first boot device is my cd rom but when i reboot my pc with the fedora disk inside the cd rom..nuthing happens and it just go straight to windows...desprately need your help..thanx

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What are the names of the images that you downloaded? What version of Fedora did you download?


Did you burn the disks as iso images, or just data disks? If you open the first installation disk's contents, what do you see, one iso file image, or a bunch of directories and files on the disk?


See my guide here.


Or, did you follow the directions on the Fedora Installation Guide?

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