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Help with Samsung CD-ROM SC-152A

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Ive had this problem for one or two months. My CD Rom's tray wont come out. Nor if i use the ejct button or the mouse. Even the paper clip technique wont work. When i try to eject the drive doesnt come out but it attempts to. It makes a few noises while in the ROM like something is obstructing it. The green light flashes while its doing this.


I know this isnt a mechanical fault because when a CD is present the drive will eject freely. As already mentioned I have a Samsung SC-152A. I just bought an LG DVD burner and have sold my CD ROM. But i dont think i can now it cant eject.


There are two more methods i havent tried. The ejct on boot method. And the unistalling and reinstalling method. Ill update when im done.


Any Help ?



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I found out that the drive will eject when it has no cd if i hit it with my thumb one or twice after pressing the eject button.


Any suggestions ???

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