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Trying to install Fedora Core 5 on a Tyan Tiger 200T mo/bo

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Hi everyone,


I hope that someone (or several of you) will be able to shed

some light on this issue.


I'm trying to install Fedora Core 5 (FC5) as a webserver/office machine on a system based on a Tyan Tiger 200T motherboard. Follow this link to see the stats of the motherboard.

When installing without probing it installs fine but it doesn't recognise the softraid and considers both maxtor 160GB PATA HDDs as seperate Hard Disk, while they should be mirroring eachother (Raid 1).

I have been looking for a driver, but so far I only found the driver for RedHat 7.2 Linux, which obviously doesn't work.


Another issue is that is supposed to be ACPI 1.0 compliant, but when installing xp it throws errors about that, and with FC5 it first installs fine but sometimes it fusses about that as well when booting.


Any suggestions would be more then welcome, preferable to help set up things with FC5, but I'm willing to entertain ideas for other linux (graphical) distributions that wouldn't have those problems.




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