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Linux Compatible USB 3.5

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Anyone know of a USB 3.5" HDD enclosure that is Linux compatible? Looking for something that can support up to a 500GB IDE drive. I'm running FC5 on an old Dell laptop...


Thanks in advance,


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The question is, does the hardware in the "old Dell laptop" support such a device. You did not mention what model of Dell that you have. If the Dell supports USB 1.0 rather than 2.0, you are likely to have some performance issues.


In terms of a USB hard drive enclosure, Fedora supports them and will hotplug the device when plugged in or activated. I have a Metal Gear Box and have no trouble with it.


The other consideration, is what are you using the external drive for, storage, or otherwise? If you plan on trying to use the external drive for installing an OS, then the bios in your system may not support booting from USB.

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