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Need Help Configuring DSL

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I have just installed SuSE 10 on my wife's computer and I'm stuck trying to configure DSL.


We use sbcglobal through an ethernet card and the 2wire gateway.


I've tried configuring DSL using the YaST tool. I've tried both static and dynamic, I've typed in the IP addresses, I've taken them out ... nothing.


What am I doing wrong?



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Originally posted by peacefulraven:

Originally posted by danleff:

Try this article and see if it helps.


Thank you... I followed the article and changed some settings. My computer still won't recognize the DSL connection. I'm out of ideas... what can I do next?


-- N


Upon looking at it further, "reconnect server" is grayed out and I'm assuming that my computer thinks it's connected to the Internet, but it continues to give me "can't find" messages.


Thanks for any help.

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