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Ubuntu 5.10 Wireless PPPoE/VPN Connection Issues

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At my university, the only way to access the internet is through a VPN connection on a wireless network.


I've got the wireless card in my machine to connect to the access point, that's all OK, but, I'm struggling getting the PPPoE connection and the VPN connection to work.


I've ran "sudo pppoeconf" and it seemed to set everything up fine. It then said to type "pon dsl-provider" to start the connection. When I do this though, it returns plugin "rp-pppoe.so loaded" I don't think this is connected.


It may be trying to use the eth0 instead of ath0 but I'm really not sure.


Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated, as I cannot get the machine on the Internet any other way.


Thanks in advance.



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I'm having the same issue with pppoe and Debian wireless. I would check over the Ubuntu wiki and see if you can find some good how-to articles.


By default, in Debian, eth0 (the wired connection) is picked for pppoe by default. It ignores wifi (ie; wlan0) and I had to do some editing by hand.


I did get my base internet connection up, but need to retrace my steps to see how I actually did it.


I would also try posting at the ubuntu forums, as they have great support by their users. They should be able to get you going.


I am away until May 5, but do report back and let us know if you find a solution!

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