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Joe Beavis

Linksys wireless connection dropping...

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I stumbled across this site while Googling my issue and was refered to this site so I am optimistic it will prove helpful. My issue is the same as Spam Boy's below, but here's my issue in full detail...


I have 2 PCs sharing a DSL connection from Sprint a 645 DSL modem and a WRT54G Wireless Router. 1 computer is connected via CAT5 cable and the other with a Linksys WMP54G wireless adapter. Up until about a month ago, the signal strength was always atleast 3 bars or "Good" according to Windows. The connection was stable and would remain on for days at a time. Now in the last month the connection drops constantly.


I have tried switching the Router and Wireless adapter around from the PCs they were on and the problem stays with the wireless adapter. I have also tried a different Wireless NIC and Wireless Router, both also Linksys and the problem continues. The PC with the CAT5 connection always stays stable.


I have come to find there is another Linksys Wireless router showing up in my Available Wireless Networks with a different SSID but the same IP address as my router. I haven't been able to determine which neighbor the router is at yet but I suspect this may be the issue. I have tried talking to Linksys technical support and went thru all their troubleshooting steps and have had no luck.


Sooo, I figured I'd come somewhere people know what their talking about. *wave. Anyone ever experience anything like this or have any ideas. I think I forgot to mention that the wireless adapter I use work fine if I take it to work and hook it to a PC there. The signal strength is excellent. Again though at home the signal strength is Very Low and only pushes about 1-2 Mbs. Help Pls. Thanks in advance.



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There are three possibilities: 1) the wireless transmitter on the Linksys is having a problem, 2) you could have an uninvited guest logging into your wireless network or 3) you installed a Microsoft update that messed up the communication between your wireless adapter and the computer. My bet is on the third alternative.

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i had the same problem awhile back. 2 different wireless cards connecting to a motorola wireless access point in an apartment complex with many different wireless routers in the area. (properly setup with WEP, shared key, and it's own channel)


the cheap 12$ netgear card never lost connection and was the furthest computer away with the most walls to go through.

the 40$ linksys card always lost connection for no reason and was only 15 feet away.

so i switched the linksys card with a dlink card and the problem was solved.



i brought the linksys card over to my house which is very remote and put it in my neighbors computer 300+ feet away from my dlink wireless router (with the same settings). over a couple of weeks time it never lost connection or lost any connection speed.

i think it's possible that linksys cards get confused in a noisy wireless environment.

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