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FC5 on Dell 2405FWP & ATI Radeon X850XT PCI-E

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Does anyone here run a system with

ATI Radeon X850XT PCI-E and Dell 2405FWP plus FC5?

I cannot get the installation panel to work.

I tried boot: linux resolution=xxxxxx nofb without any luck frown


Also,I cannot get the 'radeon' module to run properly. Any

xorg.conf that works?

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I don't use ATI cards (well I have an old one in one of my systems, but that does not apply to this issue). Let's look at what you have and the potential issues. I assume the following.


1. You elected to do a text installation, as the graphical installation did not work.


2. You can now boot into FC5, but now have only a command line interface, as the graphical interface is not configured.


3. You know how to read and edit, if needed, the xorg file. What entry is in the xorg file for the card, ati, or radeon?


You can probably get the gui up by changing the section "Device...driver" to "vesa", but this only may give you the gui and not use all the features of your card.


Make sure that you monitor is not at issue, as well. Look at the specs. for the monitor and make aure that the horizontal and vertical modes match, or come close to your monitors capabilities.


Or, you can do, as root user, system-config-display


Look under the hardware tab. Make sure that the monitor type says "LCD Panel" and matches the resolution capability of your monitor. Consult the users manual, if needed.


Make sure that the video card section also matches the card in your system.


The other issue, which has come up is that this is a pci card. Don't have one of these in my systems, so I'm sure there are possible specific issues and solutions for this setup.

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I've edited xorg.conf many times and supplied different options.

I am trying to use 'radeon' as a driver. Of course, I can get lower

resolution solution with 'vesa' but this is not what I would like to have.


The very strange thing is that I configured the system with the 'right' xorg.conf and I got the high resolution, 1920x1200, going. But then I've updated FC5 with the new Xorg server. And this damaged all my hard work. Most likely I could reverse the issue by re-installing, but this is not what I would like to do.


In summary, there are two issues: a working xorg.conf and why the behaviour of the system changed after up[censored] it. Of course, xorg.conf was not altered. If up[censored] damages the system, this is FC5 instability issue and should be reported as a serious BUG.


If needed, I can supply my xorg.conf and X.0.log produced with it.

However, the main issue it seems that 'dri' is not loading. So something is going on between the kernel modules and the Xorg server. Something, that sounds like incompatibility.

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It seems I missed the "Or, you can do, as root user, system-config-display" phrase. Another strange thing is that

'system-config-display' shows the parameters that I need: it shows the correct LCD monitor and the correct video card. But these setting, it seems, have no effect on how the X-server operates. This is really puzzling. Again, pointing to the broken system.

I am very unhappy with X-server (the modular one) in FC5. I guess I will have to roll back to FC4. BTW, I had no problems with FC4 on the same system. Now I regret upgrading :-(

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