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printing from linux to windows xp shared printer

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this is my scenario (windows workgroup):

windows xp sp2, epson epl6100L (shared as '6100L')

linux rh9, lpd with a queue named 'p6100L'


if I do an 'smbclient \\xp\6100L -p' I get to the xp machine, but if I 'print /etc/hosts'... nothing happens ;(

if I do an 'lp -dp6100L /etc/hosts' same results, nothing gets printed...


one thing I noticed, whenever I send a job, I can see that something reaches the xp's spool, but it's like a flash, it disappears as soon as it gets there... ;( ;( ;(


any ideas/tips/solutions/whatever would be greatly appreciated (have no more hair to pull off my head)


thanks in advance


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