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Lost USB 2.0 - Please help

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I am running a Sony Vaio PCV-RS510 with Windows XP Home Edition (SP2). About 3 weeks ago, my hard drive crapped out and I had it replaced. I used the Sony System Recovery disk and everything is working great now except that my 8 USB ports are now operating at low speed and they used to all be 2.0 and operated at hi-speed. I have uninstalled the host controllers and let XP reinstall them upon start-up. I still do not have the Enhanced host controller. I have talked to Sony, they recommended unistalling SP2, installing their SP2 patches and reinstalling SP2. I did all of that, still no results.


Can anyone give me some tips to recover my USB 2.0 capabilities?



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Hi Scott,


Did you try going into safe mode removing the USB controller and then letting XP redetect it? Did you try figuring out what USB Chipset you have and then going to the manufacturer's (typically not sony, but someone like VIA or ALI or something) website and looking for some drivers. Generally speaking USB controllers don't require drivers, but assumption is the mother of all screw ups. Also for 11 dollars you can get a Syba USB 2.0 controller with 5 ports on the back and 1 internal. It's an NEC chipset. That NEC chipset was the only chipset in existence while MS was writing their USB 2.0 interface, therefore it's the reference design. It works flawlessly in my experience. You could just disable or not use the onboard USB controller and go with one of those. However I don't know whether you have a desktop or a laptop so that Syba I'm talking about might not work.

Also please note there are different syba USB controllers some are NEC based and others ALI (I think) so watch out and get the exact model I'm linking to. Notice the triangular shape of the controller. If it's a purely rectangular card, then it's not an NEC Chipset (from Syba anyways).



Christian Blackburn

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