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Server with cloned Hard Drives [GRUB] ?

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Hi Everyone,


(My first post)


I am running a NIS/NFS file server for a small company. The OS (FC4) and all the users home areas are on the same 120G sata HD "sda" on different partitions. I made an exact clone of the first hard drive (sda) onto a new drive (sdb) and it worked fine. That is I can now boot from either drive sda or sdb when only that drive is plugged into the port "SATA1" on the motherboard and the second port "SATA2" is not connected. My plan was to run the system from the main drive "sda" and simply mount the partition with the users home areas from the second drive "sda2" and "rsync" the changes every night.


The problem is when I try to boot with both dives connected the system actually seems to try to boot from both drives. I had assumed that making only the "sda" drive bootable in the BIOS would prevent this from happening. Do I need to work out how to configure GRUB to only boot from the drive "sda"?


Any help would be much appreciated.





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What utility did you clone the drives with? Remember, by cloning the drives, if this is what you did, you have a bootable MBR or /boot partition on both drives. All grub references for booting and hard drive assignments are the same on the second drive.


One clue is to look at what sata drive is actually detected first, as the system boots. In my system, I get a text output of the drive detection order. With both drives connected, is the second drive actually detected first, so that it actually becomes sda?

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