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Setting up GUI interface in Debian

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I was under the impression that Debian Linux included a GUI interface/"Desktop" not unlike windows.

I have installed Debian, but all I seem to get is a text-based comand prompt interface. Do I need to install something additional? Is there some setting I need to turn on?

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This is why I don't recommend installing Debian for users not knowledgeable about Linux. It takes a little getting used to. The basic installation will install a GUI, but I bet you missed the step.


What flavor/version of Debian did you install, sarge or etch?


During the installation, you should have seen a list of packages to install, under Installing and configuring packages, you should have checked off;


[*] X window system

[*] Desktop environment


Let me see if I can find a good tutorial on this.


Do you know how to use apt-get? If so, see this link.


Look at the section;


Installing KDE on Debian

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