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New to SUSE Linux and having network/interenet problems

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I have recently installed SUSE Linux onto my computer and have been having problems connecting to my home network and getting online. I am running a dual boot on this computer with Windows XP and SUSE Linux 10.0. The Windows XP can access my internet and can connect to the network easily with no troubles, but if I boot up Linux, then it doesn’t recognize the internet and the network at all. I have a Linksys WRT54G router which this computer connects to get on the network and to get online. BTW: the computer is hardwired in, although I will soon be up[censored] a laptop with Linux and so I will go through this again except with a wireless network and internet connection.


I am pretty ignorant when it comes to configuring network setting especially on Linux systems, so if anyone responds to my request for help, please keep instructions in laymen’s terms. Also know that the answer to my question is probably rather simple, I just do not know the basics on how to setup the internet setting and network settings on SUSE.


So can you help me connect to the internet and connect to my home router using this Linux system? And if you are overly patient, would you also tell me how I will need to go about setting up the wireless connection for the future laptop that I will be up[censored] with Linux. The laptop is currently running Windows XP right now and it connects flawlessly to the network.


Useful router info (maybe???):

Internet Connection Type: Automatic Configuration - DHCP

Rtr name: WRT54G

Local IP:

Subnet mask:

MTU: Auto

DHCP Server: Enable

DDNS Service: Disable

MAC Address Clone: Disable

Security Mode: WPA Personal

WPA Algorithms: AES


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When you go to set up your wireless in the laptop, there is a good chance that your internal wireless won't be supported and you'll end up using the Windows driver and ndiswrapper in Linux. It's not all that difficult, IF you follow the steps to the letter. Here is an absolutely easy and exact procedure for setting up the wireless with ndiswrapper...best I've ever found and it works for me.




As for your current problem, I'm not sure what's going on there, but I'm sure someone will be able to help here. I use SUSE 10.0 but not in a dual boot system. Only Linux and with the same router you are using. Mine just automatically sets up when installing SUSE and has done so for the last two or three SUSE releases. I've never had to set up anything manually.




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