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booting redhat 9

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Im using redhat 9 and windows XP... I had a problem with my dual boot so i boot my Linux OS using a floppy. And now i lost my floppy....

I was just wondering how do i create another boot disk.??How do I enter d OS ??

Do i have to boot it using the installation CD...If yes how do I do that ...??


Thanks in advance


"newbie in linux"

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Forgive me for asking...I must...


Why are you using redHat 9? It is no longer supported.


But, give us some more information. Do you have both RedHat and XP on the same drive?


Is it the only drive on your system?


What trouble did you have dual booting?


If all your answers to the hard drive questions are one hard drive on your system, XP was installed first, then RedHat...


Look at this thread which will tell you how to do it.


Again, this assumes a lot, that there is only one drive on the system and it is jumpered as your primary master.


Before you try it, please respond with what you have currently.

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thanks for the reply danleff

Im using Redhat Because im doing a embeddeed linux project and the embedded OS (BLUECAT) requires redhat as its host.

neway I installed XP first and i have another partition for my linux. I have a 160G hard disk..im using 15G for my XP and 5G for my linux OS.

I was able to boot linux using a boot disk before this but now the disk is lost. I tried using the installation cd to boot it .i choose to upgrade and i read somewer they will ask me to create a boot disk somewer along the way. but now when i choose that a msg comes that there is a bug and i need to reboot.

Is there another way for me to boot into redhat 9 without reinstalling it.





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So, what was the problem that you had with dual booting?


Anyway, the answer to your question is located in the RedHat documentation located here.


Once you enter the chroot environment with chroot /mnt/sysimage, then run the following (with a dsikette in your floppy drive);


mkbootdisk --device /dev/fd0 2.4.20-9


...where is the kernel version on your system.


you can either look at the /boot directory to see the kernel version, or, type at the command line;


uname -r to see your currently running kernel version.

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greetings danleff


Thanks so much for ur help. I did what you told me to and i created a boot floppy and i can go into linux already.


thank you so much again ...


By the way I want to learn more about the kernel. can u recomend any tutorial sites to help me play with the kernel.


Thanks again


newbie in linux


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