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Ubuntu Linux... any experts needed

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i have recently installed ubuntu Linux on my gaming machine on a 20gig parttion. well, when i boot into xp using the grub loader xp boots fine. however, now i do not have internet access at all, but my outlying network still communicates w/ each other. packets are still being sent in and out of my ethernet connections. my firewall shows activity, but still no connectivity to the web (meaning no bf2 playing). i can however connect to the web using ubuntu, as i am now, but cannot serve the connection to the outlying computers on my network (meaning: i cant make this linux cputer into a gateway). i have forummed many tech sites, including ubuntu's and other linux help sites. i am at my wits end and grasping for straws. any help would be appreciated. thanx for your time.



reply2: i had defragged the day before. i have uninstalled the network hardware so it would reload drivers at startup, but that didnt work. i mean except for the internet activity the whole network is fine (in windows). in ubuntu, i connect to the internet but none of the outlying network connects to the internet.

honestly, i love troubleshooting, because i usuallly figure it out, but this is enigmatic at best. i tried the booting into the last best configuration and that did not work. i have restore cut off to boost my overall performance when gaming. i run a tight ship and usually do not run into this type of mess, but my curiousity got the best of me when i installed ubuntu. maybe its not ubuntu, but it all started the very next reboot of xp.


another thing is, can i make it where xp loads by default instead of ubuntu within the grub loader?

thanx anyone

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thanx for your replies, here is the weird thing: my bios is saying a totally different time and date. and when i choose to boot windows it keeps that same incorrect time/date. however, when i choose to boot ubuntu the date/time are correct. wtf, its like it is opposite day or something.


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