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Motorola SB 4200 cable modem

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HELP ! Had my computer working fine up to yesterday. Suddenly, I can't get on the internet and the light on the modem panel for internet is blinking instead of a solid light. Anyone have any ideas ??



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We need more information.


This sounds like a modem connect issue. Which light is flashing? There are several on the modem. Each indicates a feature or diagnostic note.


Did you try consulting the users manual or your service provider?


What Linux product are you using and what version?



From the users manual;



Possible Solutions

! Check that the power cord is properly plugged into the wall outlet and the rear panel

of the SB4200.

! Check that the electrical outlet is working.

! If the Standby LED is on, the cable modem is in Standby mode. Press the Standby

button to reconnect Internet service.

! Press the Reset button.

! Call your service provider.

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