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Kylix and Mysql in Mandriva

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Hi, There.

I develop some kylix3 database program. i use MySQL 4.X in Red Hat 9 and it goes well. Now, i want to launch the same program in Mandriva, but there is some problem, there is some error which say "No Dynamic Library in list libmysqlclient.so found" or sounds like that. I have try to install MySQL that i use in RedHat but, it failed because it need spesific library. so, we install the library. But, it's useless. So what should i do ??

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And, Thankz in advance.


Best Regards,

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Thankz for your answer before.

i have read the url that u give me. but, the problem is in the mandriva not in the red hat, because in the red hat, the program was running sucessfuly, and in the mandriva it failed. Btw, i have put the required library in the /usr/lib/ , as the article said, but there is appear a new error. The error is about glibc. It is said "***glibc detected*** malloc()" and when i added the memory, the error says "***glibc detected***, double free or corruption".

Do you know something about this, i mean what should i do, so that my program can running expectedly in mandriva.


Thankz for your help.


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