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Trouble installing Red Hat 9 on Dell Dimension 8250

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Hey there all I came across this web page and I found it particularly interesting since I am just now venturing into the world of Linux (Yeah I'm really green)at 9 for a long while and I tried to install it once before and failed so I just didn't bother. I took it up today and I decided I wanted to go into it indept today. I parttioned my second hard drive with Partiton Magic 7.0 with an 11 GB partition for the installation and again to no avail. It worked a couple times up to a point and froze when I tried different parameters (noprobe, skipddc, text). I am frustrated now and this is my last ditch efforet to find out what to do. Can anyone HELP PLEASE.....Here are my system specs. :


Dell 8250

Intel Pentium 4 2.4Ghz


Phoenix Bios Ver. 4.0

64MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 420 with TV Out (Dell)

C-Media CMI8738/C3DX Audio Device


* Maxtor 6E040L0 (40 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/133)

* Seagate ST380013A (80 GB, 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100)



* Intel® PRO/100 M Network Connection

* Intel® 537EP Modem



C: (NTFS) (Seagate) 37.2 GB for Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2


D: (NTFS) (Maxtor) 27.39 GB for Data

E: (NTFS) (Seagate) 37.25 for Microsoft Server 2003 SP1

Free Space (10.89) on Maxtor formatted in ext2 for linux by Partition Magic.


Pretty simple stuff. At first I thought it might have been the BIOS causing the system to hang so I flashed it a couple of months ago from the Version 1.0. Hook me up here...



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Try Fedora Core 4 for this system. Dell systems can be problematic, due to the legacy hardware on their systems. I'm sure that Redhat 9 is having trouble with some of the hardware.

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