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To many devices for a thermaltake 480 power supply?

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Ok, so I think I have a power supply problem, my psu only provides 11.7x to 11.8x on the 12v rail, and all the other rails are a little low too. Do you think this would cause stability problems? Do you think I am drawing too much power? Here are my components:

p4 2.4c@3.36

Thermaltake bigwater kit

1gb ocz pc4800

PNY g800gt @ 400, 1100

2 wd 80gb in raid 0

1 seagate 250gb

1 liteon cdrw

1 liteon dvdrw

1 120mm fan

2 cathodes

floppy drive


All of this running off of a Thermaltake 480watt power supply. Does anybody now if I can turn the voltage rail up in this power supply if I'm drawing a little to much power? Please advise.


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Using our power supply calculator, I found that you only need about 300 Watts total to power your system.


Rather than trying to "turn up" the wattage on a particular rail, you may consider distributing the power requirements more evenly. For example, a fan uses a lot less wattage than a hard drive. Rather than lumping all of your hard drives together on one rail, you might try coupling a hard drive and a fan, or some other combination to distribute the load.


Hope this helps!

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