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Firefox in SUSE 10, Where is it?

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I'm just starting to use Linux(SUSE 10). I'm trying to find the FireFox directory.

When I do a search in File Manager-Super User Mode, it comes up with a couple results:






When I go to these directories, it doesn't show any of the firefox directories.


How come I can't see them?

Is there an option, like in WinXP, to show certain files?



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Exactly! Any directory that has a dot in front of it is hidden by default.


Go to your home directory usng the file manager. Use the dropdown menu...choose View--> show hidden...


Then you can see the hidden directories. You will also be able to see the hidden root directories, as well, as long as you have the file manager open in superuser mode.


The same logic as in Windows applies. Most average users have no need to fiddle with the hidden files/directories.

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