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Installing Mandrake 10.1

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i'm a new member, and i usually search a lot before i post, but i have a school project that needs to be completed , so i wud really appreciate some quick help here.

i need step-by-step instructions to install mandrake 10.1.


my current com status is as follows.

two hard drives - 40 gb and 80 gb, running XP professional on 80 GB one!


40 gb hard disk---


c:\ - NTFS 13 GB free

d:\ - Fat32 11 GB free

e:\ - NTFS 8 GB free


80 gb hard disk -


h:\ - NTFS - 12 GB free, running win XP.

i:\ - FAT32 - 5 GB free (i store all my songs,images and stuff here)

j:\ - NTFS - completely empty (27.4 GB free)




now i want to install mandrake 10.1 on C:\.


any help wud be appreciated!!!

Attaching an image of my hard disk manager here...




ignore the "Redhat Linux"...i took this scrn shot when i was trying to install RHL 9.0....didn't work out tho...:-)




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