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added 1 linux box to windows network, network can't be seen now

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Ok, long story short. I built a small linux box and run opensuse 10.0 fully updated on it. I have added to my companies network to learn various aspects of networking with linux. I am guessing that the box took over as master browser, because once it's turned on, I can't open my workgroup. All other aspects of the network work fine. I can manually type //compname/blah and see stuff, but not through Network Places. I CAN however see all system from the linux box. Where in linux do I go to stop it from taking over as master browser (if thats the case)

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Hi Lotus,


I am not really familiar with suse, but what you are describing is not OS dependent but samba dependent?


You do not say what your corporate network environment is ...


So, I suggest you find the file "smb.conf".

In this file you will find (I hope, if a standard install) a section "global options". Verify that you do not have a line like:

browser master = yes. If you do, change to "no". Restart samba ... guessing again:


>service samba restart


/etc/rc.d/smb restart


Again, I do not run suse so I am just guessing, but I hope this helps.



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