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Linux to Linux Samba Help

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I was recently put in charge of implementing a new server setup to the small business I work for. It was a nice upgrade from windows soho networking, and I got everything working better than expected except for one thing....


The setup is as follows - internet enters building and into a small server running ipcop - it hands out ip addresses, etc... and shares the internet connection via a 3com 24 port 10/100 switch. The file server is running Ubuntu Debian, and is working perfectly - all users work - I have everything setup properly. From that server I can map network shares, and all other computers can access the samba fileserver perfectly well. Each PC connects fine to each others local shares perfectly as well. Aside from the server my personal work PC is hte only one that runs linux. From my pc I can share folders via samba, and access all network shares perfectly well. The problem is the fileserver. I cannot mount it - I get read_socket_timeout_error protocol negotation failed. My pc and the server are using the exact same release of ubuntu... anyone know why the two can't communicate, although communication works fine everywhere else for fileshareing? I can't get a single answer from my buddy google...

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