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Need Help with linux installation

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Hello, i am new to linux..

i am unable to install red hat or anyother linux OS. I tried red hat too and also fedora 4... but it is not installing..


My system is


Intel Main Board 865GBF with 256M of ddr RAM

Intel 2.53GHz Processor.

Samsung HDD



Problem is that when i try to install red hat it is asking me again and again "What type of CD-ROM do you have" and only one option is availbe that is SCSI.

But i did not have any scsi drive in my system..

And after that it gives me a list of drivers. i tried all but ...........



And then someone gives me idea to try the fedora 4.

i try and boot the fedora.. but it also hangup on booting on a text "Kernal_help" something like that...


one thing : when i boot the CD their is no Logo available at the boot screen not of Red hat Not of Fedora. while i install redhat and fedora both on other systems with same CD.


Plz tell me what should i do.

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Considering my recent experiences trying Fedora Core 4, I'd recommend that you might try SUSE, which is what I'm finding to work very well and install easily, or Mandriva, which also seems to install without trying to figure out configuration problems before you even begin the installation.


However, I'm sure someone will come up with a resolution for you here. We have some people who are very good with FC4, I know.




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