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2 Q's 1 k3b and 1 firefox

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I'm using SUSE 10.0.

I've recently started using k3b to burn ISO files.

I prefer burning at 4x but k3b bumps it up to 8x.

Is there any way to stop that?


I like watching news videos on the web.

When trying to play web videos with linux FireFox,I

get a message saying I need to install directX but

I can't find a working relationship between directX

and linux firefox.

Any suggestions will be appreciated.


(I've lived longer and heard more than I care to admit so any attempt to offend me will be in vain.)


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Are you sure that you cd-r discs support 4x ? Some discs have minimum write speeds. I usually get 1x-48x cd-r's, however some are 8x-52x . So check the write speed of your discs. I have never had any problems burnning iso images at 8x , they always work for me.


Not sure about you firefox problem, need someone with more experience for that problem.




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I've been burning at 4x with this drive

for about 18 months.It is a different brand

disks,though.My daughter bought them for my

birthday.That may well be all it is.

I've known for some time that some cd's are

not compatible with 1x but never had a problem

with 4x before.

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