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radeon 9200se powercolor 128m faliure.. need help or opinion

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I have been using my radeon for 8 months or so, it was grat until yesterday. I was playing quake 3, then, I paused ir, gone like for 5 minutes, and wen I came back the window was distorsioned. ok then I shut down the game and worked on windows. it was ok for like 1 hour. i shut down my pc, and gone for a while. when I came back, my radeon 9200 werked ok, but then all the colors of my windows desktop got messed up. obiusly I restarted it, and fom that time, every time i run my radeon, it works like for 2 minutes, and suddenly it begins with a little distorsion wich increase over time... ( its like seeing the window shaking, for example it ends as if I put my resolution to the higest, and I dont set up the adequate freme rate (hz)) if I let them functioning more, it sop sending signal to the monmitor. i need to let the card rest for like 5 minutes to see it working for another 2 minutes when I restart it, because if I yust restart it it start shaking even at the bios window, so I think the settings wont do nothing to solve my problem... I doint think it got burned because it there is no smell arroud any part ow the card..

but any way I dont have a dvi monitor to check if the jack of the ctr have problems...


ps: played with bios but nothing... allso with settings and frame rates.



sistem specks:


p4 3.06gz, 510 ram, 160+40 gigas hard drives (maxtor and western)


power color radeon 9200se 128 megas 54 bits


(obiusly I loose my guaratee haha)





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