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WAN not available for configuration

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I'm having problems in configuring my Wireless PCMCIA card on Mandrake 10.1. I have a linksys WPC54G and I'm using ndiswrapper to install the windows drive under linux. Everything went fine till the moment I had to configure wan address. The problem is that the system doesn't recongnize any wan card. My lynksys card appears as Broadcom pci card and I don't know what to do now.

Does anyone can help me?


Thank you in advance.


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You most likely need to set the pciid for the PCMCIA services.


Did you modprobe ndiswrapper to load the driver? Let us know what you have done so far.


Try to set the pciid on the card. I have some instructions that I used located on my web page here.


To check the manufacturer's ID of the card, run;


cardctl info in a terminal, as root user. Mine returned the value;


MANFID = 0271,0012


Now make ndiswrapper use the pcmcia device with the -d command manufacturer's id;


ndiswrapper -d 0271:0012 net5211


Then load the ndiswrapper module with modprobe. Substitute my net5211 example with your Windows driver name.


Are you using the rpm for ndiswrapper or by source?


Are you using the Win XP driver with ndiswrapper?


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