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Mandriva install probs

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I recently got mandriva and began to install it and it just stops. Before it even installs anything. I went and tryed installing it in the text version and it stops at copying file Intel SATA something driver. Any help ?? Anyone??

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Two issues are usually involved in an install failure.


1. A bad cdrom disk, bad download, or a bad burn of the disk.


2. Incompatible hardware.


Since the forum was changed, I no longer see stats that tell me if you have posted before. I seem to remember that you have, so I can't reference your system specifications.


Did you burn these disks yourself, or are they a commercial set?


Can you give the specs of your system? We especially need to know how much memory is in your system, video card (a source of some issues) and if it was self built or a pre-built system. Please be specific.


Also, do you have sata drives on this system? If so, it is helpful to know if you built this system yourself (motherboard model and make), or post what brand and model that the system is.


Burning iso images, if this is what you did, takes some care. You need to burn the disks slowly for a valid burn.


See my article located here.

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