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linux newbie/mandrake 8.0, red hat 9.0

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Hi guys,

I am a newbie to linux. I have mandrake 8.0 power pack edition and reda hat 9.0. Already installed with each PCs.

Anyone cares to help me run the appropriate WineX (CEDEGA) for these OS?

Thanks a lot. Email me at max132418@yahoo.com



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well I better ask Bill.

nobody seems to cares for end-users.

end-users are the sole evaluators of whatever OS they will be using. Still windows rocks but linux cracks every byte of the brains....it's fun explore with linux without any navigator....

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One of the problems is that you are using old distro versions. Most folks have moved on to Mandriva and Fedora. So, there may not be anyone who remembers how to do it. The newer distro versions are better supported and should be easier to set up.


Of course, did you seek information on the WineX web site?


I don't use WineX, but some others here do.


However, if you are polite with your posts perhaps you will get some help.


I think the only persons to understand and use linux, every distros, are all to be IT professionals. Windows is still best for end-users. So if you are trying to use linux, forget it. Unlike me, I'm trying to learn linux not to do away windows but to know both world. Still, free is a great deal.


Comments like this don't inspire others to respond to your posts.

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