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ProMepis not seeing router!

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Hi all,

I just installed a router on my 2 machines. No problems with machine number 1, it works like a champ! Machine number 2 is being a little quirky however. I have ProMepis on this box, and it won't make an internet connection. How? You may ask, is ole Justbill posting this? I dropped my BeatriX live cd in, and it makes the connection just fine. So that eliminates a hard wire error, when I ran the wiring for this thing ( I am not using a wireless router). My guess is that I have to configure ProMepis manually (that was a real "rocket scientist" statement, I had to think long and hard on that one laugh ) . So my question is HOW?





windows 98 & ProMepis

on a

HP Pavilion 6630

500 Mghz Celeron

192 MB ram

10 GB hard drive

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Assuming that you are using a dynamic IP address assignment via your provider, go to the network configuration (control panel) and re-initialize your NIC card. Look and see if the connection is active and activate it if it is not.


What is the output of kudsu -p? Does it show your NIC card loaded as a module? Does ifconfig show an ip connection, say


I assume this is a cable internet connection?

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