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Trouble booting external hard drive

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You folks are probably sick of boot trouble,but , heres another one. I'm trying to boot Ubuntu on a external (usb) drive. It installs fine. Every grub install option fails. I tried MBR install,floppy boot,and installed drive boot .


Grub shows both systems upon boot (XPee+Ubuntu)

XPee and recovery on internal drive.

Ubuntu is on external 20gig.(sda1)

I choose 'Ubuntu, kernel 2.6.12-9-386'


I get graphic loading screen then:


ALERT! /dev/sda1 does not exist, dropping to a shell



System ( Ubuntu ) was installed to sda1.


What am I missing here?


At least Grub didnt trash my MBR this time.


Thanks for any help .

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It Looks like the kernel is not loading the usb drivers for the drive. Apparently this has been a problem in the new release. See the Ubuntu thread located here.


I don't have a solution, but you may want to post the problem on the Ubuntu forum.


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