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Server 2003 Cant see Workstations in Network

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Hi All


Im using Windows Server 2003


i would like to get a complete list of all the workstations on my network.


I go to Network on the desktop


browse to entire network -> Microsoft Windows Network -> then locate my Domain


When i double click on the domain i should get a list of workstations but the list is completely empty


does anyone know how i can get all the workstations appearing in the domain list


All the workstations are running windows XP SP2 with their firewalls disabled


Many thanks



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Question #1 - Is the Server a DC?

Q #2 - If so, have you created any OU's?

Q #3 - Have you created the Computer Objects in ADS?

Q #4 - Are the workstations configured to log into the domain?

Q #5 - If there is no Domain, are all the machines (Server and the workstations) all a part of the same Workgroup?


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