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Linux compatible Intranet package

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Need some info on intanet software packages that could be run on suse enterprise server.

Manage a netware network, approx 1600 users across 3 sites.

Primary user database is therefore NDS/e-directory.

Preparing to install a Novell/SUSE server.

Intranet package must authenticate users from Netware as I'm not interested in managing yet another user database.

That's why I'm looking at running it on netware/suse as there's not much out there that will authenticate users from netware, even using LDAP.


Require an intranet package that is TEACHER friendly. IE- will allow non-technical staff to EASILY maintain a section of an intranet site that relates to their faculty.

Looking for something that provides ability to post :messages,minutes,photo's,links,work req's for studs',threads etc.


Package must manage web pages for them, so all they need to have knowledge of is copy/paste and submit buttons. They are teachers, and anyone who has ever worked with them would know the challenge I face.






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