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trouble getting NIC working...

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I've installed FC4 on an older machine but I can't seem to get ethernet card to work.


It's a 3Com Etherlink III 3c509B.


I've seen several sites that say it works...



but none that really explain how to do it.


A couple have mentioned some LILO parameters... but I'm using GRUB.

One had the source code for a supposed driver, but it wouldn't compile. At this point I'm stumped. Anyone have any ideas?



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An ISA card, correct? If you are comfortable with adding commands, look at this link.


In order to compile source packages, you must have some compiler packages installed. Did you do a standard installation (accept the Fedora default suggestions) or install "everything?"


Is the card recognized in Fedora's Network configuration tool? Did you attempt to set up the card during the installation at the hardware configuration window?


The compile may have failed as you don't have the kernel sopurce package installed, as well. The web page and/or readme/install file of the driver package should explain what is needed. Additionally, the web page that you got the drivers from may tell you this as well.


Grub ius actually easier than lilo to add command actions to, if needed. But, you will need the irq of the card to know what to set. The link that I gave should assist with this.


If the above link does not work, please post what system/motherboard that you have and possibly some links to web pages that you have referenced.


If the above is too confusing, and you have a pci slot, the best solution would be to get a Realtek or Linksys NIC card and the problem will be solved. At about $10.00 USD this may save some headaches.

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