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feroda core 1- monitor compatability problem?

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I really donit know what the prob is but i tried to do a dual booting with win2k prof and fedora core1. Now win is booting fine but linux is booting up to the point were is say 'first boot'or some thing like that,then the screen goes blank.i can see the mouse pointer but nothing else. What could be the problem? how can i solve it.

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Is there a reason that You are using Fedora Core 1 rather than 4?


If you have a newer system, then support for your hardware may not be in Core 1. This would be especially true if your video card is a newer model.


Without knowing some of your system specs., it's hard to know what the issue is. Could you post some specs. so we can assist better?


What system is this? Can you post the video card that you are using and the monitor make and model if this is a self-built system? Or, the system make and model if it is a stock system, say a Dell or Gateway system.

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