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Norton AntiVirus 2005 Activation

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Hey all,


Just installed and activated a new copy of NAV 2005. I am planning to have to reinstall it in the next few months (gonna buy swanky new kit soon :D). Does any one know of a way to save having to activate it again, similar to the 'wpa.dbl' trick used for Windows XP perhaps?





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I'm not entirely sure what is driving this question.

If you are going to re-install XP and all your old apps just do the same with Norton and re register(see below).


If you are going to use Ghost or Drive Image etc to make a clone c:\drive for the NEW machine you will have a few happy hours

dealing with hardware/licence changes, conflicts etc and most likely end up re-installing everything anyway


It has been my experience that


1) On an image for e.g. a Hard drive upgrade only on the same machine Norton still demands online re-registration even when you have made such a perfect disk image/restore on the same machine that it has 'fooled' WPA and everything else etc.


2) That re-registration of Norton only takes seconds online, often recovers or reacquires your old registration information in an 'updated or re-installed' system and happens online from a registration prompt from Norton. There is no problem with re-installing your original software on a new machine. The problem comes if two machines with the same Licence number both try to access 'new' (vs the back cataloge of)live-updates.


3) That on reinstall it either resets the expiry to what it was/should have been by now or on (sadly rare smile occasions with a completely empty new system gives you a new 12 months - although this reset itself to less later in one case (cunning that . . ).

I have never 'lost' any paid for subscription time on any recent versions despite disk swaps, reinstalls etc.


4) That it's really not worth trying to work around any of this on Norton AV or NIS as my attempts have usually just resulted in live-update or something else related to subscriptions failing to work afterwards.



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Thanks for the reply.


FYI, hardware wise, I am planning to replace pretty much everything.


I had problems activating NAV2005 from the start. On activation I was told that the licence key 'had reached it's limit' or similar. Good start for a boxed (and sealed) retail copy. I simply wish to avoid any hassles again and I do not want to have to speak to a (poor English speaking to be frank) support person to convince them that I haven't used a pirated copy.


If the activation fails again, I shall probably dumb NAV and use someone else. A shame, as NAV is otherwise a pretty good product.



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