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SmartCode VNC Manager v3.0 Release Candidate

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[size:18]SmartCode VNC Manager v3.0 Release Candidate[/color]


After 8 months of extensive development SmartCode Solutions is pleased to announce the general availability of SmartCode VNC Manager v3.0 Release Candidate.




New v3.0 includes several new "killer" features, such as:

* The only tool on the market that provides built-in SSH tunneling support for VNC and RDP sessions.

* Support for RDP servers network scan.

* VNC Deployment Wizard with brand new built-in Registry editor.

* Active Directory integration.


Complete list of new features:

* Built-in SSH tunneling of VNC and RDP sessions.

* Scan network for online RDP servers.

* User configurable Dynamic Search Folders provide powerful mechanism to search for VNC and RDP servers.

* Show VNC/RDP server status of network neighborhood computers.

* Terminal Server Manager allows manage settings of remote Terminal server.

* Deployment Wizard: Built-in registry editor allows uploading of custom registry entries. Entries can be entered manually, imported from .reg file, or imported from a remote computer.

* Show users logged on to a remote computer.

* External Tools: Customizable icon can be assigned.

* External Tools: Servers MAC address is added as automatic command line argument.

* Auto restart listening VNC viewer in case of accepted VNC server connection.

* VNC Java viewer quick launch feature.

* Built-in VNC viewer includes UltraVNC chat support.

* Administrator can set per registered servers group login credentials.

* Resolve MAC address during VNC/RDP server status update and network scan.

* Deployment Wizard: Any writable share on a remote computer can be used during VNC deployment

* Inventory-Contact Details: Send Email or open associated WWW page from the contact properties dialog.

* Inventory-Contact Details: User can open Google map showing contact’s address.

* Inventory-Contact Details: Import contact details from Active Directory. More AD related features to come in the next build.

* Options-Tools-Default VNC/RDP Session-Reset All command allows to specify server groups to reset.

* Send Wake on LAN dialog provides functionality to update MAC addresses of registered servers.


Click here for more information about SmartCode VNC Manager v3.0 Release Candidate

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