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"Unable to install the base system" in Mandriva 10.2

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I tried to install Mandriva 10.2 in my PC and i keep getting "unable to install the base system" error frown what should i do?


I hope someone could help me smile

Thanks in advance and God Bless.



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This could be for a number of reasons.


First, where did you get the cdrom disks? Did you buy them, or burn them yourself? If you burned them yourself, did you;


1. What site did you download them from? Did you choose the correct iso images for your system type?


2. Did you check the md5sum of the iso images that you downloaded to verify if they are valid and intact iso images?


3. What speed did you burn the images at and did you burn just the iso to the disk (where you see only the iso file on the disk), or burn the image option (so that you have a series of files and directories on the disks)?


Take a look at my article on burning Linux iso images located here.


Also, does your system meet the hardware requirements for Mandrake? Please post some system specs. so we can see what you have.


1. System that you are using (make and model) or motherboard make and model.


2. Amount of ram in the system.


3. Hard drive(s)in the system. Did you format the drive/partition for Mandrake before you attempted the installation?


4. Processor type and speed.


Do you have any other OS on the system? If so, what OS?

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