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dvd troubleshooting issues

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Some of my dvds work and some don't in my dvd-rom. Unfortunately, my favorite movie "BLow" will not work! I have spent endless hours and this problem and can solve nothing. Cds and data discs work.


I did discover under the device mananger when I show the hidden devices that mrtRATE, nVIDIA WDM A/V crossbar, and nVIDIA WDM video capture (universal) --- all have error signs besides them. Does that mean anything?


-I don't know what all to tell you for this diagnosis but...

-I operate on winxp

-AMD athlon 2800+, MMX, 3DNow


-I don't know how to tell you the dvd-rom type

-I have the nVIDIA dvd decoder and the interactual player

-I have all the windows updates, although, I somehow managed to delete windows media player during all this so I now use REal Player.


Anything else you need to know? Please let me know. And God bless the man who helps me.



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Well, it happened again. On various retry atttempts my dvd worked. Probably 2/50 tries. It took about 5 minutes for the dvd to become readable. I restarted the computer and tried it again and realized my luck was shortlived. When inserting the dvd, my computer ran very slow. Eventually, the dvd drive disappeared from the My Computer and was not seen in my network settings until my restart. What a mess!

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