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Installation Problem with Fedora4

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Dear Friends,


now I am trying to install Fedora4 but anaconda stops very soon.


My Hardware:

Dell Dimension 8400

Chipset Intel 925X Express ICH6-R

Intel Pentium 4 540 HT 3.20 GHZ

1 GB Memory

1 SATA HardDrive 160 GB

256MB nVidia GeForce 6800

My Software:

WindowsXP SP2

Fedora FC3


I work satisfactorily with both OSs.

(By the way,I installed and re-installed Fedora3 in graphic mode

many times: no problem at all)


Now I try to install Fedora4.


1. In graphic mode (no options):


The installer tells me:

Probing video card: NVIDIA Unknown (generic) (see below ***)

Probing for monitor type: Unknown monitor

Probing for mouse type: Generic 3 buttons mouse (PS/2)

Attempting to start native X server

Waiting for X server to start ...



At this point the screen goes blank (i.e. black) for about 10 seconds

then a bad video appears (pale colors, reticular), then a big "Fedora" title over it, then all stops and hangs


2. Then I tried booting "linux text"


The installation went well, all packages were installed (everything),

but when tried to reboot, again the screen got lost and the system stopped


3. I tried "linux resolution=xxxxx" but the results were similar to those of case 1 above


4. Unsuccessful also the attempts "linux noprobe" "linux nofb nousb"


I bought two different magazines with two different Fedora 4 DVDs: both show the same behaviour.


What can I do? I didn't find in the Web (until now) a complaint

about a problem like this.


Vito Di Blas

e-mail: vitodiblas@iol.it


(***) Here the installer of Fedora3 writes:

Probing video card: VESA driver (generic)





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