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Gigabyte GA-7ZXE not POSTing

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My brother was nice enough to give me his old 1.2ghz Duron in a Gigabyte GA-72XE. I wanted to use this as a nice NT server to host some files, however it is not going as planned.


To tell you what I did, I first went to:



I have the manual and I plugged in everything it needed. I took the board and put it in my spare case with a 250 Watt supply. Of course doing the jumpers, checking meticulously on the PDF file to make sure I was right. The only thing that wasn't jumpered was the Green jumpers. I added my ribbons (IDE and Floppy) right after.


After that I connected all of my cards:


AGP GeForce 2 MX400

SmartMODEM (For Faxing)

Kingston TX111 Ethernet

SoundBlaster Live 128


With all of that set up, I plugged in my computer, my monitor, keyboard and mouse and clicked the power button and this is what I got:


Power Light

No HDD light

No Beep

No Video

ALL Keyboard Lights On


So I decided since it wasn't POSTing, I removed all ribbon cables and unplugged the power for all drives and tried to POST. Nothing.


Removed all the RAM to see if I got a system beep. Nothing.


I saw this motherboard work fine when I was given it. All I did was put it in a new case, same brand case but just a newer model with slide sides rather than a pull-off top.


Please help! I am lost on this and I would like to start getting this computer up.



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Okay, I removed all of the cards and suddenly got the beep telling me there was no RAM. I then put in the video card and got picture. Long story short, the SmartModem was burnt out somehow because when I put it in it wouldn't POST.


So I am doing fitness tests now and so far so good. I do need to update the bios because on shutdown it is doing that stupid reboot thing. Next is having fun with the next computer after this one is done. Yay for me...



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