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knoppix under vmware

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I have a problem. When I run knoppix under vmware, there are no hdd mounted. What can I do?

In vmware I have created a partition (3 GB) and run knoppix. Everything works fine but when booting starts it writes: "PCI: Cannot allocate resource region 4 of device 0000:00:07.1"

What am I doing wrong.

Please help

Thanks a lot


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you'd have to run "lspci -v" to be able to tell which device has that PCI address.

it may or may not be related to your situation.


just because you allocated a disk in vmware, it doesn't mean Knoppix will know

what to do with it.

(unless of course you've also created a filesystem on the 'disk')


i don't recall that Knoppix automounts disks even when they contain filesystems

it knows how to mount.


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