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I'm probably the last person to find out about this, but I thought it was interesting, so I'll pass it along. There's a website, called, "The Linux Counter," where you can register as a Linux user and also register the information about your system. No mailing lists or anything, it seems, if you choose to register. Once you register, you get a cool little Linux logo, showing you as a registered Linux user, with your registered user number.


From the website, you can see a breakdown by country, state and city, as to how many registered Linux users there are in each place. Also, you can see how long Linux boxes have been up without a reboot. Kind of cool to be able to look at the statistics, I thought!


Anyway, if you're interested, the website is: http://counter.li.org/


You might find it interesting to check out and register as a Linux user. All distros of Linux are welcome!




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