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problems with linux installing games

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i have used linux a little while ago and could not get it working i finially found out that it was my 6800 gt card wouldnt load x so i gave up i now have my 5900xt installed and linux is great i like the look the feel and it seems a bit faster then wow64 (i have ubuntu 64) my system amd64 3000+ 5900 nvidia card (hope to get drivers for my 6800gt) ok i want to install call of duty i downloaded the loki installer and tried to run it but keep getting error in gedit (i think its like a notepad program) is that how the installer works? also i searched for hrs on how to use loki installers with no luck. i did the apt-get updatething and took over 1 hr to complete updated 868 files which i hope now i have wine (i hope wine is what i need)


the problem is i am new to linux and dont know anything all i need to know is how to install this game and then i can install all my other ones i dont want to egt cedega because u have to pay for it then what if it dont work i want to see how my games perform on linux so i dont need to have windows can anyone tell me the simple way to install a game

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