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Will my new computer run linux?

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Im thinking about making the switch to linux when I buy a new computer in the next few weeks and was wondering if it will be compatible.


Its going to be a


- AMD64 3800+

- 2gb 400mhz DDR ram

- LG 16x Double layer and Dual format DVD burner

- Nvidia 6600gt 128mb AGP Video Card

- Seagate 200GB 7200rpm S-ATA150 Hard Drive with 8MB Cache


If anyone could tell me some versions of linux that would support this type of computer. I want to use it for a desktop computer so I would like to know distributions that are sort-of suited for that.


Im totally new to linux, so any input would be great.


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You will need sata support, so use a new version of the distro that you choose.


Distro = name of Linux product ie; Mandriva, Fedora

version = 10.2.....


In my sata system, Mandriva 10.2 (Limited 2005) runs very well and is well suited for new users. Fedora Core 4 works well.


You may wish to "test drive" a Linux distro first, with a distro that is a live cd, which runs off a cd. Mepis and Knoppix are good choices. Again, make sure the release notes mention support for sata...use the latest version.


But more importantly, what other hardware will you be using, such as a scanner printer and so forth?


Most importantly, how are you going to connect to the internet?


Dialup, DSL or Broadband.


Most internel modems (dialup) packaged in systems are so called winmodems (designed to run in Windows) and may or may not work.


Let us know what other hardware (peripherals) and internet connection you will be using and you will get a lot of input from members here.

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most of the distro's web sites have hardware compatibility lists.


Make sure you get a version for Athlon 64.


I would look at Ubuntu and Fedora first.---Both are free, but Ubuntu installs with only one CD.


Dont attempt Linux without broadband---there is always something to be downloaded/updated.

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Just put Fedora Core 64 for AMD on two machines with SATA drives in LVM mode and RAID 1.


Works well as both are AMD 64-bit processors with a good amount of memory (2GB). (Athlon 3000+). Veeeeeeeeeeeeery Fast.


Then, put RHES4 on IBM blade center with dual Xeon processors, 10K rpm UWUF (320 Mbs) drives, Realllllllllllly fast!.


So, then I put RHAS4 on a blade (single processor, 1G ram, 10K ultrafast (320) drives. Still impressive.


Bottom line, FC4 (64) is darn good! RH ES/AS for 64 bit is getting really, really good. Don't be afraid, jump in the water is fine!

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